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Keto, Ketosis, Ketogenic? You must know your CRP inflammation marker and your A1C glycation marker, because aging has little to do with your age, but the blood glucose and the glycation of proteins, formation of advanced glycation end products (AGE’s) and inflammation in tissues and organs including your brain, liver, pancreas, bowel, joints, heart, etc.  You don't have to be a medical doctor to read the statistics. Today one in every three people in the U.S. dies prematurely with an inflammatory heart disease. One in every two adults in America is insulin resistant, has diabetes or prediabetes but does not know yet. I was diagnosed with hypertension and T2 diabetes back in November of 2017. I was taking all my prescription medications daily, but I never got better until I switched to low carb high fat ketogenic diet or simply KETO!

This low carb high fat ketogenic diet is established on solid scientific foundation in Japan by Dr. Takuji Shirasawa and i…


I can have donuts, caramel macchiatos, cupcakes, pizza, granola-bars, honey-nut breakfast cereals, milkshakes, ice-cream and never get sick. This was my point of view before 2013, before my son was diagnosed. Many scientific research papers were published since then and new diagnostic tools were developed, revealing the real causes for inflammation in the human body. Highly processed foods and excess sugar consumption are deadly combination resulting in toxic acidic body environment ideal for overgrowth of deadly bacteria, fungus, and yeast that feeds on glucose - blood sugar. Depending of your genetics, sooner or later you will experiance life changing event meaning an inflammatory chronic disease -cardiovascular, neurological, intestinal, neuro-endocrine or a combination of all (book page 22-23). For most physicians this means business as usual. Physicians have no time to read scientific peer-reviewed journals and research papers, and even if they do, there is no medicine or medical…

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Mitsuo Onozaki Sensei  - Happy 65th Birthday Low carb Ketogenic Diet improves the metabolic syndrome, activates the longevity gene, and has anti-aging effect explains Dr. Shirasawa - Aging Control Medicine Professor at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine and President of Japan'sFunctional Diet Association

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Grain Poisoning or Lactic Acidosis is usually the result of beef cattle consuming large quantities of grain to which they are unaccustomed. Pasture-fed cows may become acutely ill or die after eating only moderate amounts of grain".  If the grains are deadly for our cows then should we give it to our children for breakfast"?
After 50 years of burning sugar and grains for energy, American professional athletes are switching to grass-fed beef, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil. Grass-fed beef and butter are also known for dramatically reducing inflammation in the body. Less inflammation means less pain in the joints and a quick recovery time between games. The grass-fed beef and the grass-fed butter have a different lipid profile compared to regular beef and regular butter. We are talking 7 times moreOmega-3 essential fatty acids found in grass fed beef and 5 times moreCLA (conjugated …